Building Intelligence

We will provide you with SherBid, an incredible time saving building bidding tool that we have developed.  SherBid helps you bid buildings in minutes, saving you time and money.  You will win more profitable buildings with a lot less hassle. Become a Sherman Lumber Partner and save time and money. You can stop sourcing materials from multiple sources while wrestling to coordinate everything. Take advantage of our ERUs, our buying power, and rest easy with our 100% material list guarantee.

Spend More Time on the Things You Enjoy

Before we created SherBid, our founders would spend countless hours preparing bids and wrangling multiple vendors all in attempt to make sure that the company wouldn’t lose money on the next project.  We know first hand that SherBid is a lifesaver in every sense of the word, and that is why we are so excited to share it with you.

  • Prepare bids for any size building with a whole range of materials and extras.
  • Get all of your materials on time, every time with our 100% Material List Guarantee.
  • Take up a new hobby with all of the time and stress that we save you.

How much time and money will you save?

Take a moment and figure out how much time you spend a day preparing bids for customers.  This not only requires thinking through the building board-by-board, it also requires shopping the materials and getting quotes from multiple vendors. If a start date gets moved and you need to reschedule deliveries, how many phone calls and how many call backs, and how many messages, and how much time is killed waiting for one of them to get back to you so you can then again relay the information to the others.

If you were in a hurry in your bidding you probably over ordered.  How much did that cost you?  If your materials ended up being too expensive and the customer went to a competitor, how much did that cost you? If your supplier shorted you and it killed a day of labor, how much did that cost you?

We will be a support structure for your business, whether its bidding, materials, heavy equipment purchasing, crew building training, office training, sales and marketing assistance, or general office work such as accounting, administration, payroll and more.

You are great at building. We are great at equipping you to do what you do best. It sounds like this is the beginning of a great new friendship. Why would you wait another day?

If you order from us at Sherman Lumber, here is our 100% Material List Guarantee to you.

Guarantee ~ You will get 100% of the materials ordered, delivered to anywhere you request.

If this does happen then there are two potential outcomes:

  1. We will walk through the materials plan and show you where you are wrong, or
  2. We made a mistake (very rare, almost never) and we will expedite the missing components to you doing everything in our power not to disrupt your project.  We’ve had to make a midnight run over 500 miles once (that’s a lot of thinking time), and we were glad to do it.  We stand by our word.

Building Commercial Success

When you partner with Sherman Lumber, we start thinking about how we can help you build your business. Because the better you perform, the better we ultimately perform.  We take your success seriously and want to help in most any area you request assistance.

We can provide business development assistance and help anything from operation systems to administration, accounting, and payroll to sales and marketing to you name it.

Your Success is Our Success

When you partner with Sherman Lumber as a Contractor Partner, your capabilities grow exponentially.

  • Has a potential client proposed an opportunity to build something you haven’t done before – no problem, we can help.
  • Are you considering putting together a sales and marketing program but don’t know where to start – no problem, we can help.
  • Are you thinking about hiring a crew and are worried about payroll and back office administration – no problem, we can help.
  • Are you concerned about profitability and thinking your revenue may be too low or expenses too high – no problem, we can help.

Lean on us. We are here to support you and help you get bigger and better at any pace you want to go.

Our Core Values

We cannot say it enough, Your Success is Our Success. To help you get there and stay there, we remain committed to our old-fashioned values. Count on us for a steadfast commitment to excellence in customer service and craftsmanship advisory. We put in the work to ensure that you can build quality, functional, and attractive buildings at a reasonable price.

Your buildings will be stronger and straighter.
Your process will be more streamlined.
Your Success is Our Success.

Sherbid Fast & Easy
Outstanding Materials & ERUs
All Inclusive Services


Sherman Pole Buildings traces its history to 1976 when Andrew Kelling opened the doors to Kelling Construction.  Since then we have undergone a name change and we’ve expanded our scope. But we remain committed to our old-fashioned values. Through the years, Sherman Lumber has upheld a steadfast commitment to excellence in craftsmanship and customer service. We believe in building quality, functional, and attractive buildings at a reasonable price.

We have developed perhaps the greatest depth of pole building construction, otherwise known as post frame buildings.  Sherman Pole Buildings has been raising the standard of pole building construction since the start of the business in 1976.  The company specialty is in residential, commercial, and agricultural post frame buildings and has built homes, storage buildings, sheds, airplane hangars, riding arenas, livestock barns, assembly plants, and everything in between. Additionally for over ten years we’ve been building resident homes through another division Sherman Builders, where we’ve not only developed conventional housing, we’ve begun to be well known for post frame homes, often referred to as Barndominiums.

It is with this vast experience and wisdom that we launched our lumberyard and material supply business catering to Pole Building Contractors and do-it-yourself homeowners. We believe that we are the best there is, at equipping construction contractor partners, and we are investing in this effort for the long term.

As a family-owned and operated business we are committed to treating our partners like family, delivering every project to the highest standards. As a leader in our industry, we pride ourselves on our integrity, quality, and experience.

Specialists in Empowering
Pole Building Partners

Sherman Lumber had its beginnings as an entrepreneurial post-frame builder in 1976. Our experience spanning more than 40 years has taught us quite a lot about the post-frame construction business. We have firsthand knowledge and fully understand the world of the Pole Building Reseller and Contractor. Our passion is to share our knowledge, experience, and buying power to help you build a world class company. Your success is our success!


We will supply you with a tool that allows you to literally create bids within 5-10 minutes.

No Bidding Hassles

SherBid not only saves you an enormous amount of time, it gives you the peace of mind that you won’t lose money on materials.


High quality materials and ERUs on time with our 100% material list guarantee. Unheard of!

100% Material List Guarantee

Over 40 years we’ve developed the best materials and a buying power that saves you a lot of time & money.


Business support from sales & marketing to admin & payroll. Your Success is Our Success!

Business Services

We are happy to provide a whole range of services to help you focus on being the best builders you can be.


You can count on us. We exist to provide you with assistance, advise, and troubleshooting.

Experience & Insight

We’ve encountered just about everything imaginable out there in the field. Let us help you think it through.

“Using Sherman makes my life way easier with their pricing and Ethan’s vast knowledge of construction. I can sell a building, set a delivery date and plan on everything showing up ‘right‘.”


“Ethan-your the pole building god and we worship you. LOL” – Von Gross

“Amen to that! Big E is the man! And of course his supporting cast! Lol” – Fat Boy

Von Gross & Fat Boy

“Working with Sherman Lumber has allowed us to take on large unfamiliar projects, that we couldn’t have otherwise.  The depth of knowledge and willingness to help me understand a particular process is simply not found anywhere else.”